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Nourishing and Nurturing

The word "Cultural" in our district's name is an intentional choice, indicating the multi-faceted creative community that energizes downtown Sherman. The art of food is one of those cultural offerings that is flourishing. Did you know that our Cultural District has 14 - yes 14! - eateries, all locally owned? The array of choices will keep a foodie happy for quite some time.

Do you like street tacos and authentic Latino family recipes? Choose from a quintet of delicious locations. Fine dining ....Check. Artisan coffee ....Check. Food trucks? Come to Kidd-Key Park on Thursday nights in June and July for food AND free music! Delectable desserts? So many options there.....

From seafood to street dogs, bars to barbeque, sandwiches to soup to nuts, diners in Downtown can fill up on truly local food and beverages while nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit. Be sure to stop by one of these great restaurants some time soon - there's a chair waiting for you!

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