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Art Dash

The Art Dash returns in February 2024.

Watch for details - coming soon!

The Annual Art Dash is a signature event for SCD

The 2022 DASH was a success!

The sold-out 2022 Sherman Cultural District ART DASH happened Saturday afternoon, February 19, in three unique locations. Ticket-holders enjoyed original art, a boutique, a cocktail and a bite at each stop, and at the final location DASHERS lined up and dashed across the room to take home the artwork of their choosing. VIP ticket-holders enjoyed dinner & a draft at the exclusive after-party at Wig & Gavel, a unique pub with a decidedly British air.

Art featured in the actual DASH was contributed by 40+ artists, each creating an original work on a 5x5 canvas. 

The DASH is designed to showcase local artists of all kinds -- and the unique venues for the 2022 progressive art event also gave participants an afternoon in some of the Cultural District's most interesting spaces. 

The DASH is taking a break in 2023 - but watch for other arts events in the Cultural District! 

DASH art sign
DASH on Jones
DASH popcorn
DASH crowd 2022
DASH lineup 2022
DASH lineup2 '22
Post-DAsh crowd 3
Post-Dash crowd 1
Post-Dash crowd 2
post-Dash crowd 5
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