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Art Dash

The Annual Art Dash is a signature event for SCD

The 2022 DASH was a success!

The sold-out 2022 Sherman Cultural District ART DASH happened Saturday afternoon, February 19, in three unique locations. Ticket-holders enjoyed original art, a boutique, a cocktail and a bite at each stop, and at the final location DASHERS lined up and dashed across the room to take home the artwork of their choosing. VIP ticket-holders enjoyed dinner & a draft at the exclusive after-party at Wig & Gavel, a unique pub with a decidedly British air.

Art featured in the actual DASH was contributed by 40+ artists, each creating an original work on a 5x5 canvas. 

The DASH is designed to showcase local artists of all kinds -- and the unique venues for this year's progressive art event also gave participants an afternoon in some of the Cultural District's most interesting spaces. 

Who knows what 2023 will bring to the DASH? Stay tuned!

DASH art sign
DASH on Jones
DASH popcorn
DASH crowd 2022
DASH lineup 2022
DASH lineup2 '22
Post-DAsh crowd 3
Post-Dash crowd 1
Post-Dash crowd 2
post-Dash crowd 5