The Sherman Cultural District is the home of an exciting new public art project led by Austin College.  The Focalpoint(!) Project , Phase I, runs through fall 2020. Using photography workshops to build social engagement around the arts, the Focalpoint(!) Project invites Sherman residents to contribute to a databank of curated images of places, people, and culture. These images will populate temporary displays in downtown Sherman that are artist-designed and community-built. 


July 15, 2020: It’s summer. Kids are at play. Although some of the usual places are closed, think of all the great places in Sherman to do those things they do. The back yard, the makeshift tent in the living room, parks, the apartment pool, playgrounds. Submit your photos of #kidsatplay here.


We're looking for new stories told through your camera lens, with the theme of Life under Quarantine. We're all seeing things differently these days, right? Share your photos of the ups, downs, ins and outs of quarantine life in Sherman. Family interactions, schoolwork from the dining room table, a neighborhood walk, lines at the grocery store. Life will definitely never be the same. 


Photos may be uploaded through the UPLOAD page (

This public project is for sharing of images of the places, people, and neighborhood culture of Sherman, Texas. Images submitted will become part of The Focalpoint(!) Project image bank at Austin College.  Shared images should represent either (1) unique or (2) universal aspects of Sherman and its residents/visitors.


Submissions may be your own original idea, or in response to themes to help you, the photographer, with ideas for your composition! Images may be created with any type of camera or mobile device. Photo editing apps are permitted on a limited basis (i.e. conversion to black & white, or cropping). Selfies are discouraged, as Focalpoint(!) is intended to be an observational project.


All content must be in the Safe category as this is a family-friendly, global, public project! Absolutely no inappropriate or political content is allowed; the group administrator will not accept images in violation of these guidelines.



The project is being supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), as one of 60 awards in 2018 totaling $4.1 million to support projects across the nation through the NEA’s Our Town program.  Austin College will receive $50,000 over two years to support Focalpoint(!), and the project is being managed in partnership with the City of Sherman/Sherman Cultural District.

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