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Local taco love

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Our Cultural District Advisory Council dove in happily to our latest offering: the Sher-Town Taco Tour. When the idea for a summer food event arose a few months ago, we couldn't have predicted the current pandemic, but as August arrived, a "take-out" food tour was the right

event at the right time. Our volunteer reviewers were happy to eat at their favorite places and try out new ones on the list of 13 locally-owned taco joints (and restaurants) around downtown Sherman. These family-owned businesses add a wonderful international flavor (quite literally) to the Cultural District. We're proud to support the local food culture as often as possible! Does anyone ever really get tired of tacos, by the way? -- especially with the astounding variety offered on the Tour. Follow along on our Facebook page (#SherTownTacoTour) through mid-September and experience the flavor of local! Eat more tacos!

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