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Grayson County Courthouse 

Grayson County Courthouse old postcards.jpg

The current Courthouse, the fourth building serving Grayson County, was completed in 1936 in the Moderne style, after the 1876 Courthouse was burned to the ground by a lynch mob in 1930. The interior of the courthouse features original Art Deco details, and a map of the county with precinct ines inset into the terazzo flooring of the entry lobby on the north side. Grayson County was named for Republic of Texas hero Peter Grayson.

The complete list of structures includes:

1st Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1847
County Seat: Sherman
Present Status: Gone
Building Materials/Description: $232

2nd Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1859
County Seat: Sherman
Present Status: Gone
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
Building Materials/Description: Square-plan ante bellum, brick


3rd Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1876
County Seat: Sherman
Present Status: Gone. Burned 1930 by lynch mob
Architect: William Martin
Architectural Firm: Martin & Moodie
Architectural Style: Italianate
General Contractor: Martin & Moodie
Building Materials/Description: 2 story


4th Courthouse

Building Completion Date: 1936
County Seat: Sherman
Present Status: Existing. Active.
Architectural Firm: Voelcker & Dixon
Architectural Style: Moderne
General Contractor: J. E. Morgan and Sons
Building Materials/Description: Four story Moderne courthouse constructed of concrete and limestone. stone, PWA, $306,000

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