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Winter Art Tour 2019

Sherman's art community offered something

new and exciting for art lovers to do in February!

Throughout the month, local artists displayed their original work at businesses

throughout the Sherman Cultural District. 

View the gallery of artists and host businesses

THANK YOU to our host businesses for 

giving local art a home during February! 

And we did it! The inaugural 


on February 16 was sold out. 

41 ticket holders dashed to the Art Wall

and took away a 5x5 original canvas. 

Thanks to everyone who participated!

If you missed it, here's what we did:

What is the DASH? It’s an artist reception with regular artist reception stuff; the artists, some wine, a little snacky, some artwork. The gallery featured unique 5x5 works by various artists!

DASHERS lined up and at the sound of the horn dashed to the art wall to take the work they want! It’s theirs to keep!

Want to be a Dasher*? It’s easy! Tickets will go on sale  in February 2020 for the next DASH and there will be a limited number  of artists' pieces available determined by participating artists. There is no charge for non-Dashers to attend the reception and watch the DASH. 

When can I buy a ticket? Mark your calendars now for Feburary 2020 for the next Winter Art Tour & Dash!!